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Kevin Farley has a wife, a couple stepkids (and their friends), a live in nanny, a unique handy man, way too many dogs, and a lifetimes worth of stories leading up to it all. Farley Farm is the ongoing chronicle of  "life on the farm" Including but not limited to: a temperamental Japanese chin named Albert, the infirmed shitzu named Humphrey, the three over priced and demanding Pomeranians named pepper, poppy and Doug, the resident rescue mixed breed Gracie, the snowbird chihuahua Hopper… and the mischievous- semi washed up actor Persian cat Oscar under the landscape of an Island in Florida and a barn in upsate New York.

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Offsides Podcast


"Offsides," A podcast for football fanatics. Join Kevin and his co-hosts, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Ed Gant, and current high school football player and stats savant Leo Berman, as they cover every aspect of the game.

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